129 How to Escape a Timeshare

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How to Escape a Timeshare

How to Escape a Timeshare

Gordon Newton is the Author of “The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit” and the President of Newton Group Transfers, a timeshare exit company.

Timeshares were originally pitched as a way to get a “discounted vacation value” to exotic locations. Over the last few decades, millions of Americans have invested in a timeshare opportunity. Many of those buyers love their purchase and use them as much as possible.

I know investors who have been successful trading them for actual investment property from time to time. Often pitched as “investments”, these are certainly not investments, they are clearly liabilities.

For many reasons, lots of Americans decide after buying into a timeshare that they want out of the deal. Sometimes it’s because of buyer’s remorse, not being able to afford it or simply feeling bad about an impulse buy. The problems begin right here, in the cancellation process. Timeshare companies have done a great job making sure the buyers are locked in for what can in some case be a lifetime.

Enter Gordon Newton of the Newton Group who’s company specializes in helping buyers of timeshares with getting out of the obligation with as little damage and loss as possible. In this episode, Gordon shares many of the common scams perpetrated by timeshare exit companies and the timeshare sales companies themselves. Listen in for a value-packed episode and visit our affiliate link for a copy of his free guide called “The Consumer’s Guide To Timeshare Exit” by heading over to http://CashFlowGuys.com/TimeShare