105 Hyper Local Domination with James Rembert

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Hyper Local Domination with James Rembert

Hyper Local Domination with James Rembert


Today we’re going to talk about something we’ve never covered before: sales. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. At some point, you’re going to exercise your inner salesman. If you’re not good at sales, you get nervous and stutter, then you need to hire someone who IS good at it. And that’s where we come to our guest today, James Rembert.

James is considered the expert in the industry for real estate sales funnels. He’s shaken up the real estate industry with his no-bullshit approach to his own real estate business and helping others.

In the digital space, it’s easy to believe everything you see. An “agency” nowadays can be a single person working in their underwear at their kitchen table, bragging about their “accomplishments”. James spent his first year making mistakes and just learning as he went along, and became truly successful in his second year as an agent. One of his core values is he doesn’t live by a scarcity mentality; he gives SO much away for anyone willing to ask. That’s living a TRUE abundant life!

According to James, a funnel is a tool that takes someone who doesn’t know you exist and walks them through a process to make them your biggest fan. You have to use language your prospect understands and not fabricate scarcity. The point of the funnel is creating not only customers but communities of people whose lives you’ve changed. “Scarcity tactics only work on other internet marketers, not really the average consumer.”

One of James’s core beliefs is you need to be a marketer first, then a ___ when you get that customer on the phone. If you can’t get them into your funnel, it doesn’t matter how great you are at what you do. There is a difference between effective marketing and purchasing a list from Zillow or Trulia—these people know nothing about YOU, you just know that they want to buy or sell a property.

Remember: The unprepared will always be abused. Work with people like James who are motivated by the spirit of abundance and helping his students and clients WIN.

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