104 Off Market is a Lie

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

Off Market is a Lie

Off Market is a Lie


The definition of an “off-market” property has shifted drastically in recent years. I haven’t seen wholesalers in recent years that have really drafted what I would consider a decent discount. When I started wholesaling, there wasn’t really any education or podcasts for me to go on; I just rolled up my sleeves and did it.

Whenever there’s a market boom, people think real estate is going to be their saving grace. That’s when the guru vultures swoop in and take your retirement and kid’s college savings to show you how to wholesale. Wholesaling has a pretty low success rate in my experience.

What you need to do, THIS YEAR, is change where you get your income.

Basically, the value in “off-market” properties is just gone. Now I’m not saying the only good deals out there are on the MLS, but there are SO MANY MORE on the MLS, and you can STILL negotiate!

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