096 Is It Possible to Time a Market? With Jason Hartman

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

Is it possible to time a market?

Is it possible to time a market?


Today I’m joined by Jason Hartman, an investor with THOUSANDS of transactions under his belt in 11 cities and 17 states. Jason began working in real estate at the age of 19, brokering properties for clients, while at the same time building his own portfolio. Jason became one of the top 1% of brokers in the US and earned many prestigious industry awards.

Jason’s philosophy is “Real estate is local”. What that means is that no matter where you invest, income properties are a valuable asset class. There are different types of markets, including cyclical and linear markets. Cyclical markets run in cycles, like South Florida, and linear markets that stay more consistent over time. There are also hybrid markets that are right in between the cyclical and linear market trends, such as Tampa or Phoenix. These hybrid markets have phases of fluctuation but are not as drastic as full cyclical markets.

With all of these units, Jason actually self-manages them remotely. Over the years he’s found that tenants aren’t the adversary of the investor but their CUSTOMER. Tenants aren’t always the nightmare investors make them out to be, and are happy to work with an actual person rather than a property manager.

If you want to reach out to Jason, visit him at JasonHartman.com and RealEstateTools.com for his property tracking apps and software.

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