086 Apartment Investing with Michael Blank

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Apartment Investing with Michael Blank

Apartment Investing with Michael Blank

Today I’m joined by Michael Blank, the host of the “Apartment Building Investing Podcast”. Michael’s show is a high-quality resource for those investors who are ready to jump into the world of apartment buildings. He covers the processes of raising capital and finding an ideal investment out there in the market.

Michael began with single-family homes in the early days of his investing career. He originally thought that restaurants were the financial pathway to freedom, and it worked for a few years. He also dabbled in flipping houses before settling on multi-family and apartment buildings.

One of Michael’s top teaching points is “The Law of the First Deal”. The first deal is the key to continuing to build the portfolio; the average investor who acquires that first deal will see financial freedom within 3-5 years. Many of them start small and rapidly move on to bigger investments, with quite a few replacing their income by the third deal.

For more information on Michael’s 12-month blueprint to launching your investing career, go to themichaelblank.com or contact him directly at http://www.themichaelblank.com/contact.

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