081 What I Learned When I Got Home From Vacation

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What I Learned When I Got Home From Vacation

What I Learned When I Got Home From Vacation

Even after the sailing is done and my feet are back on US soil, I’m still counting the lessons from my time away. I completely “unplugged” and came back to the fold bombarded by emails, messages, voicemails, etc, all begging for my help or guidance. Just the act of cranking the computer back on left me with a profound sense of relief that I already had a team in place who could successfully take over the business, allowing me to kick back and relax.

After I came back from tropical Belize, the growth of Cash Flow Guys continues onward and upward. A big part of our evolving business right now is departmentalizing the business into roles for each of our team members.  We all have certain strengths and talents; until four months ago I was handling every single aspect of my business alone, with the exception of a few virtual assistants.  I’ve come to realize with the extra help and the support of my partners that when I spread myself too thin, I can’t be effective for myself, let alone all of you.

By assigning roles and finally asking for and receiving help, we’ll be able to grow our business to unbelievable levels. Make no mistake, we’re creating a MOVEMENT to educate investors and steer them away from incredibly expensive shiny objects that will never create the future you’re looking for.  We want to help the investing community create that new beginning, whether you’re 18 or 80, and build an extraordinary life for you and your family.

For those of you looking to invest in cash-flowing assets with us or if you have any questions, reach out to use at cashflowguys.com/asktyler. You can book time on my calendar and get one-on-one time with me.

If you’re a realtor and an investor, you definitely need to reach out to us at info@cashflowguys.com.