080 What I Learned in Belize

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What I Learned in Belize

What I Learned in Belize

Fresh off the sailboat with my friends Chris and Katie Krimitsos, I’m talking to my listeners today about what my week away has taught me. Chris inspired and pushed me to create the Cash Flow Guys podcast when I wasn’t sure I could be the type of person to put myself out there. Katie is another fantastic podcaster who hosts the “Biz Women Rock” podcaster and was the inspiration for my own Cash Flow Guys Community.

I am a terrible flyer. After the September 11th  attacks in 2001, I get terrible anxiety whenever I have to fly (and I have to fly a LOT for business!). I deal with it, but I’m not a fan. Having to take two planes to get to Belize was not my ideal start to my trip but it had to be done to get to the relaxation. All this flying made me reflect on not only my own fear of flying but the concept of fear itself, in life and in business.

I realized that my fear is of the unknown: I have no idea how planes function, no idea how it gets in and stays in the air, and most importantly, how to fly it. My lack of knowledge creates that fear and anxiety for flying for me, and for many investors, that same lack of knowledge creates enough fear and anxiety to keep them from taking a step. However, there’s one difference:

I get on the plane.

If I don’t get on the plane, it would be ridiculous. I would never make it to destinations that will create more personal and business opportunity. I would never go on vacation, experience incredible masterminds, or expand outside of my own bubble to bigger and better things.

Is that fear of investing rooting you to the ground? What opportunities and adventures are you missing out on because your fear won’t let you pick up that foot and take a step?

I highly recommend you check out Katie’s podcast and website at http://bizwomenrock.com.

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