079 Crowdfunding Your Deals on Realty Shares with Amy Kirsch

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Crowdfunding Your Deals

Crowdfunding Your Deals

Today on Cash Flow Guys, we’re looking at a new source of funding deals; crowdfunding. It can be a scary place for investors who have no idea how it works or how to utilize it to grow their own portfolios. That’s where Amy Kirsh of RealtyShares comes in. Amy is the Director of Investor Relations for RealtyShares and is walking Tyler and his audience through the process of investing in a crowdfunded real estate deal.

RealtyShares has a team of over 100 support experts, sales members, and asset protection. RealtyShares does do its own due diligence but wholeheartedly encourages its investors to do their own due diligence before investing any capital.

Amy’s favorite quote is “There’s no substitute for experience”, and it plays a role in how RealtyShares works. The program is currently only open to accredited investors, but creates investing opportunities without having to go out into the field and find a deal yourself. It’s a great opportunity to invest without having to fund the entire on your own.

For investors looking for deals, RealtyShares can work with you as well. You don’t necessarily need experience, but you do need to balance your lack of experience with good credit and other exemplary factors. Once you give them a call, you’ll go through the vetting process

Find out more about Amy and RealtyShares at https://www.realtyshares.com.

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