078 Back to the Basics—The Cashflow Foundations

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The Cashflow Foundations

The Cashflow Foundations

To start with, we’d like to talk to you about a course written by our good friend and mentor Larry Harbolt. This is one of his courses he kept in the archives and brought out just for us to present to our listeners. The course is completely online and is filled with audio lessons, cheat sheets, and negotiating scripts, just for you.

Take a look at the Cashflow Blueprint course here: http://www.cashflowguys.com/myfirstdeal

The course begins with Property and Deal Analysis, with emphasis on the 4 Pillars of Real Estate. These pillars are your exit strategies, and each one should be utilized not as your primary business identity, but as a technique and tool when approaching every deal.

In today’s world drooling for instant-gratification, slick gurus have convinced the population that fix ‘n flips and wholesaling are a primary business model. They’re not; they’re meant to be used so almost every deal you come across can be a money-maker. If you try to flip a deal that’s really meant to be buy-and-hold, you’re going to lose money and earn plenty of frustration.

The primary point today’s episode is that you need a plan. You have to understand exactly what your plan is with every single deal. Most importantly, you need to build the community and find the financial friends so no matter what deal comes your way, you know exactly how and who to move forward to put money in your pocket.

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