076 Back to Basics – Fear of Loss.

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Fear of Loss

Fear of Loss


Fear of loss is one of the most crippling roadblocks for any beginning investor. In today’s episode, Tyler is going to walk you through not only how to eliminate these fears, but also your excuses. It all starts out with taking stock of where you are financially RIGHT NOW. 

Every month, sit down and take inventory of your current financial situation. You need to know where the starting line is for your own path to financial freedom. If you contact us at info@cashflowguys.com and request the Financial Analysis worksheet, we’ll send it to you as a template for figuring out your own current financial standing. Once you see what you’re already lacking (passive income), then the fear of losing will slowly start to ebb away. It’s not so scary to lose something you haven’t acquired yet, right? 

Here’s another critical exercise for improving your mindset and getting over that fear of loss: take a sheet of paper and write down a list of EVERYTHING you could possibly lose by taking that step into real estate investing. Better yet, EMAIL that list to info@cashflowguys.com and break down every reason why you think you will lose. 

If your true fear is looking stupid or making mistakes, you’ll get over that pretty quick once you start becoming active and putting yourself out there. Even experienced investors like Tyler still have mentors; they don’t have all the answers and they don’t always look and sound suave, even with a fancy podcast. It’s all about surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you and just becoming a walking sponge. Absorb that knowledge and then squeeze it out into the marketplace. 

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