073 Back to Basics – Building a Brand Based on Relationships – With Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

Today Tyler is joined by one of his audience’s favorite guests, the power-investing couple of Elia Luti & Eva Kovacs, who came to America with the dream of investing. Elia and Eva built their investing business without throwing down all-cash offers, because they couldn’t. Along the way, Elia and Eva have built their brand along with their business to portray their investing identity and values, which has attracted countless investors to their door. Their philosophy of focusing on both personal and professional development has grown their investing business exponentially, as well as encouraging feedback from their investors and sellers.

Elia and Eva take the time to really connect with sellers and other investors, not rushing the process or getting frustrated when negotiations aren’t steaming along the track. Working on any deal takes time, and you may end up working on a single deal for up to a year. You have to build yourself, your “brand”, as someone the seller knows, likes, and trusts enough to work with. Using these principles of integrity and real-world perspective, Elia and Eva don’t need credit to do their deals; they attract their business simply by their own personal brand.

“In order to work with stand-up guys, you have to be a stand-up guy”.