071 Raising Private Capital For Your Deals – Part 3 With Attorney Clifford Hunt

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

This week Tyler speaks with Attorney Clifford Hunt of the Hunt Law Group.  Clifford and his team represent the CashFlowGuys in all matters involving the raising of private capital.

When you venture into the unknown, it is much less terrifying if you have a solid team of professionals at your side to help you navigate the trenches.  In this episode we discuss the common misconceptions in regard to raising money from private parties.  We also discuss the laws and regulations regarding securities and how they apply to us as real estate investors.

As a real estate investor, you must become familiar with the definition of a “security” in regard to any offering you may make to a financial friend involving them investing in your deal.

Hunt Law Group’s website features a section that will better help you understand the many definitions you need to know to stay compliant.  That info can be found at the following link: http://www.huntlawgrp.com/sec-law/private-placements-of-securities

Private placements are used to help people get their money moving so that it can generate more money.  As compared to the stock market, Real Estate provides many more advantages over traditional Wall Street type investments.  That said, there are very strict and complex rules regarding this type of investment which must be carefully followed.

By hiring an experienced lawyer who maintains a focus in this area of law, the investor can raise the capital they need to put together great deals while at the same time helping people build wealth.

Structured properly, this can create a win / win relationship for everyone involved.

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