067 Mobile Home Park Investing With Kevin Bupp

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

Kevin Bupp is the host of The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast AND Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast and lives in my market right here in Clearwater Florida.

In the last few years this niche of the investing world has gotten wildly popular, Kevin discusses in great detail why investors are scrambling to jump on board this lucrative strategy.

Risk is something that many investors consider when choosing an investment strategy, Kevin explains how the park owner has an extra layer of control over the tenancy situation.  Using leverage does not just apply to financing, it also applies to situational awareness.

In a normal eviction at an apartment, it is “easy” for the tenant to move.  In the mobile home park space, extra layers of complexity are present since you just can’t pack up the entire home and move in the middle of the night, more often than not the tenant of the space, owns the mobile home on the space.  Imagine the challenges this presents to the tenant, and also imagine how this can help motivate the tenant to play by the rules.

Kevin discusses a few of the deal breakers that he and his team use to decide go / no go scenarios when looking at a park.  By knowing what his exit strategy needs to be, Kevin and his team can take an objective look at the park and determine if key indicators allow for the strategy to be effective.

In my coaching program, I teach my students how to use a website by the name of “Sperling’s Best Places” to analyze a specific market to determine if the market is suitable to invest in.  Kevin discusses how he uses the same tool in researching his markets before turning on his marketing machine.

Kevin and his partner just launched the Mobile Home Park Investing Academy to help others who are interested in this niche of investing learn the skills necessary to obtain their first park.  For more information on this 90 program go to http://mobilehomeparkacademy.com/ and register to take the next steps.