064 The Secret For a Happy Life with Jonathan Henrich

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

This week we are going to step away from the facts and figures, away from the exit strategies, and away from even talking about cashflow.  Today we get the pleasure of spending time with Jonathan Henrich who is the author of the book The Secret For a Happy Life.

Jonathan first hit the limelight as a drummer in heavy metal bands many years back.  Even though his talents led him to discover fame, he suffered from depression, social phobia, and self esteem issues.  Instead of letting these afflictions ruin his life, he instead chose to dig deep and learn where these feelings originated.

Jonathan then continued to learn through mentors and counselors that there were triggers that set off his feelings.  Many of these triggers were born from belief systems lodged in his unconscious thought.  By learning what trigger certain belief systems within himself, he was able to pull himself out of depression and took action to better his life.

I met Jonathan at Peter Fortunato’s famous “Paper Course” by sitting next to him.  I remember him being very friendly, and even though I was a stranger he quickly introduced himself to me.  From there he informed me of the local “exchanger’s meeting” and suggested I attend.  Jonathan appeared much different than the same Jonathan who suffered so greatly as discussed in the book.  I did in fact attend the meeting, and continued to do so many times over the years which turned out to be a game changer in how my mind thinks about real estate.

I noticed quickly that he associated with people that are known around the investing world as legendary investors.  Jonathan had positioned himself with those who forged many or the formulas and practices that we as investors follow today.  I quickly discovered that I was surrounded by skilled investors at this game changer meeting.  It (in part) was these relationships that helped Jon realize that much of what was keeping him from success was simply lying within himself.

Over the years, Jon learned that reconditioning would help him improve his self image by focusing on his own reality instead of his own opinion.  As you read this well written book, the reader is taken through many deep thoughts and well thought out concepts.  More importantly, the book offers incredible solutions that plague many investors these days.

I honestly feel this book will prove to be a great tool for those having difficulty getting started in real estate as well as those who are trying to get to the next level.  To learn more about his incredible story, visit his website which can be found at http://www.cashflowguys.com/happylife