061: Flip Talk with Don Costa

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

Join me this week as I interview Don Costa, a veteran rehabber out of California on this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast.  Don is the host of the Flip Talk podcast which is quickly rising the ranks to be a home run show that is enjoyed by many.  Don discusses how he built his house flipping business and how systems play a huge roll in his business success.

Systems can mean the difference between success or epic failure.  A great book for investors to read about building systems is the eMyth written by Michael Gerber.  Although the original writing is exceptional, he has released a version specifically tailored to real estate investors that EVERY investor should add to their library.  I recently listened to the audiobook version of the book.

Listen in as Don shares with us many of the ninja tricks he has used to build his business over the years.  Don takes the time to share with us what separates him from the herd as an industry leader in the fix and flip arena.

Don is also part of the mentoring group I belong to as a content contributor specializing in rehabs.  If you have ever considered getting involved in real estate investing, visit http://www.cashflowguys.com/mentor to learn more about how we help people get started in real estate.