057 What Are You Going To Do Different This Year Than Ever Before?

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Podcast | 0 comments

January 1st has come and gone….what are you going to do different this year than ever before?


The Past:

Why look back?  What good comes from living in the past?

If you Walk, Run, Drive or Fly while looking behind you what is likely to happen?

Do you really learn by your mistakes?  Does that mean you must live in the past?

We cannot change what is done, yet we can have total control over the future.


Past Beliefs:

Go to school, get a degree: Does this really make sense anymore?  The US Department of Education Stats show that the National Average cost to obtain a year degree at a Public University is $8,000 per year, that’s $32,000 for Bachelors, $64,000 for Masters.  That’s an AVERAGE.  The average cost is DOUBLE at a private university…that’s $128,000 for a Master’s degree.

So…you become a Nurse…National average salary of $67,000 per year.  Your take home pay after taxes is around 48k or $4,000 a month.



$350 Student Loans

$125 Cable / Internet

$100 Phone

$350 Car Payment

$400 Food

$1000 Rent

$125 Car Insurance

$467 Health Insurance

$200 Fuel

$200 Entertainment (doodads)

Net $683 Per MONTH 583 net after power


The New Truths:

The average salesperson makes $63,000 per year with no college degree.  And has an opportunity to make much more.

Millennials are more educated than their predecessors, often become self employed early on on their careers and tend to do a better job at avoiding student loan debt.

If you bought one little house using an FHA mortgage priced at $70,000 and moved in for one year.  You would have $3,150 invested roughly.  The monthly cost to own that house would run you $466 per month, including the mortgage payment, taxes and insurance.  Therefore putting $600 per month additional in your pocket every month.  In 12 months that adds up to $7,200 a year!

Next year you do the same thing again, this time using part of the $7,200 a month you saved up from last year.  You now rent the first house and move into the second house.  Now you have $600 savings from the current house and $344 net cashflow from renting the previous house.  That $944 per month adds up to $11,328 in your pocket in savings. Rinse….repeat.

In five years it is quite possible to liquidate all the houses, and profit $42,338 EACH or $211,690 which includes the cumulative cash flow and appreciation.  Or you can just keep them and also keep the cash flow.

Learn to Sell, Learn to Negotiate by listening, reading, practicing.  Join a mastermind, hire a coach, educate yourself.  Want to learn more about coaching opportunities?  Go to CashFlowGuys.com/coach.

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