052 Lease Option Solutions with Jimmy Vreeland and Bob Scott

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode we welcome Jimmy Vreeland and Bob Scott; they are the owners of Joint Ops Properties out of St. Louis and they are investors that specialize in lease option strategies of single-family homes.

Bob and Jimmy are veterans of the US Armed Forces which is where they learned to lead themselves to success in the private sector.  Having a military mindset prepares them to work effectively with in teams in a management capacity. It's that military background that automatically thrusts them into the position of being natural leaders in the marketplace.

When they started their business they discovered a need in the marketplace for clean, safe, affordable housing that was easily financeable by those with credit challenges.  They discovered for a majority of Americans; home ownership is nearly impossible which is what inspired them to focus their energy on the strategy of lease options.

Typically they will buy a home and do the necessary renovations to make it financeable, clean and safe.  At that time, they secure a tenant buyer that they feel is qualified to enter into their program.  Once the buyer enters the program they are paired with a lender and credit repair company that helps prepare them to be able to refinance and purchase the property at a later time.

Bob and Jimmy believe in creating win-win solutions for all who they deal with on a day-to-day basis; much of that as possible by proper screening of the potential tenants.

During the episode Bob mentioned rently.com which is a self-service lockbox.  Basically how it works is that you buy a special lock box from the website and that's in coded with a special code that allows the manager or landlord to give the prospective tenant buyers the ability to open the door with a special one time use code.  It also tracks their whereabouts and times of entry in the event of trouble.