051 Networking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them With Tiffanie Kellog

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Today we are talking with Tiffanie Kellog who is the author of the book 4½ Networking Mistakes

Over the past decade, Tiffanie Kellog has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make more money while saving time so they can have more fun by creating referrals for life. Tiffanie is in demand as a professional keynote speaker, coach and trainer with the Referral Institute, and is co-owner of a business with her husband Rob.

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Tiffanie started a business several years ago and by doing so was forced to cold call in order to gain business.  After a short time, she discovered there had to be a better way and begun mastering the fine art of person to person networking.  Mastering networking was certainly a challenge, however she rose to the challenge which eventually led her to write a book on the subject.

During our conversation she mentions that we should take the opportunity to share “why” we are doing our chosen profession which tends to make the conversation more memorable.

Business cards are often misused in a networking environment although they certainly have their place in the event when deployed properly.  First, make introductions and have a good conversation.  If you are interested in what the other person may have to offer you at some future point, ask for their card at that time.  If the feeling is mutual, they will ask for yours. The bottom line is to not provide the card until asked for it to avoid “in-person spamming”

More often than not; people make this critical networking mistake by forcing a business card on someone before they're ready to receive it.  In today’s society we find people not taking the time to really focus on what the other party does for a living.  I have found this to be the case on several occasions while at networking events.

A very effective means of follow-up includes sending a personalized handwritten note to the person that you meet at the networking event.  It's the little things like this that make you stand out in this busy world we live in today.

In order to network effectively be careful of spamming your prospect unknowingly. Constant contact that is unwelcome or unsolicited could be misconstrued as spam.

Name tags are an important part of networking; it puts people at ease when they meet you especially for a second time when they may have forgotten your name. When using a name tag; keep it simple.  A company logo is appropriate as is a first name, last name and be sure skip the titles.  A catchy tagline would help people make you more memorable

Networking isn't about building a huge database of people that you're never going to talk to. Instead, it's about building a refined core group of people that will refer you on a regular basis over and over again.  Its methodology is likened to speed dating; it's getting in front of several people meeting them and then refining the list of people that are most likely to refer you on a regular basis.

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