050 Real Estate is a Team Sport with John Carney

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Podcast | 1 comment

John Carney is a third generation property investor and developer.  He has invested in the US, Australia, and Indonesia

A published author and sought-after international keynote speaker, John’s attractive presentation, and book, Real Estate is a Team Sport. The Nine Players You Need to Profit, outlines the steps to become a smarter, more successful property investor.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, yet moved to Melbourne with his Australian wife in 2009 following the aftermath of The Global Financial Crisis. Although John was working in real estate while being enticed by top tier international commercial real estate firms, he decided to start his own business with local Australian partners and his US-based real estate network. America Property Source was born in 2010 and continues to flourish and evolve today.

In this episode, we learned that America Property Source was built as a turnkey provider that allows the overseas investor to “pick from the menu” of real estate service providers.  Due to soaring property prices in Australia, it is difficult if not almost impossible to invest for cash flow.  Situations such as this often cause the investing community to look elsewhere for opportunity.

This book serves well as a desk reference for me (Tyler) in keeping me on point with strategies to build my team and improve my resources for my clients.  The book is a step by step blueprint to finding, screening and then making selections based on the person who is the “right fit” for your team.  The good fit is someone who you get to be stuck on a plane ride with for a long time that only felt like a short trip upon reaching your destination.

In the book, John discusses the value (and mindset) in hiring skilled professionals to help you build your portfolio.  He goes on to say how shopping by price should not matter initially, instead find someone whose personality is compatible with yours.

An example is used regarding the author using an attorney to help structure a deal and to help avoid pitfalls even during the negotiation process.  The mindset shift was an eye-opening way of thinking for me.

You can reach John via his website at JohnCarneyOnline.com where links to his social media can are located.