048 How to Sell a Flip Without a Flop

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Podcast | 1 comment

Yep, I was a flipper….rehabber, wholesaler…whatever you want to call it……I most likely did it and paid taxes for it.  Here are some of my tips for making money on a flip, instead of making it a flop.

  • Avoid auction properties
  • Focus on finding problems, not properties
  • Control the closing procedures and the title process when you buy
  • ALWAYS obtain a municipal lien search
  • Always check for code violations unpermitted work and open permits
  • Be sure you get a reissue credit when you sell from the policy you bought at the time of purchase
  • Buy in a great neighborhood, be sure to buy the ugliest house in the area, not the prettiest one.
  • Share your buying criteria with both Realtors and Wholesalers….be specific and deals will be brought to you.
  • Make sure that everyone on your team can eat…..everyone deserves to get paid if they do a great job. If you pay them well you then can demand a great job!
  • Buy vacant home insurance. A traditional homeowners policy affords NO COVERAGE if the home is not occupied
  • Insist on quality finishes and excellent craftsmanship, your buyer deserves it (and therefore you sell for top dollar)
  • Be sure to rehab to FHA Guidelines, things like GFCI receptacles matter. Water leaks  need to be fixed and the surrounding areas thoroughly dried out.
  • Avoid red mulch, make the front yard POP!!!
  • Hire a Realtor…unless you are a marketing expert and negotiations expert. You can’t do    it all, and when selling a house are you writing checks or cashing them?
  • Offer Seller Financing, this alone will bombard you with potential buyers. When there are lots of people interested in the home and auction-like environment is created.
  • Educate the appraiser about your home, they cannot see behind walls

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