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Productivity Guru Nick Snapp joins Tyler Sheff in this week’s episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast to discuss the fine art of being productive on purpose.


Nick is the host of the Make It Snappy Podcast


As we have discussed before, defining your true “why” and more importantly “THE” “Why” must be uncovered.  Once this critical piece is discovered, it needs to be broken out into a process.  The process should focus on that “One Thing” needed to accomplish what you need to.


Often, beginning real estate investors have difficulty getting their family on board with building a new business.  Fear of failure, or obscurity tends to shy many people away from the realm of investing in general.  Spouses, parents, ect develop financial concerns that are tied to potential failure, and often wind up contributing to failure at the same time, often unbeknownst to them.


In general, people often fear what they do not understand.  By involving your immediate family or influencers in the learning process the beginning investor can often have a better experience when others are learning along with them.


Time Communication is also an important element that leads to a far better overall experience.  By sharing your calendar with your spouse or accountability partner, transparency is created as is more productive use of available time.


Nick plans 5 to 6 hours of blocked out time, leaving the rest of the day for variation allowances.  This method makes scheduling far more manageable and allows for more completed projects.


Nick and Tyler both use ToDoist as a task manager application.  Nick then uses it to fill up those blocked out sections of time with specific tasks.


To learn more about Nick’s Ninja Productivity Secrets take a listen to this episode and then visit his website at http://www.makeitsnappyshow.com/


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