036 What I Learned in Puerto Rico….Again

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

Sometimes it takes learning the same thing more than once….or twice….. to sink in.


Recently I was provided an opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico with the crew of “The Messengers” documentary to film John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and Kate Ericson of the “Kate’s Take” audio blog.  The crew and I had a great time and learned quite a bit from two legendary podcasters.  What I did not expect is what else I learned….again…..


Keep it simple – JLD was asked how he responds to people’s judgement and negativity of him making profits.  John looked at the interviewer and simply responded “I don’t”.  This is a very simple lesson, just ignore “naysayers”, ignore negative people and negative things, ignore doubt.  


John and Kate’s studios are shockingly simple, a desk, computer and a microphone, yet these simple, affordable tools, yield them millions of dollars a year.  Their simple genius employs a series of virtual assistance to assist them in running their business.


In real estate (amongst other things), fear can be an overwhelming feeling.  We try (and succeed) in making things more difficult than they need to be.  If you want to succeed, simply decide to and then take the appropriate action to see it through to the finish line.


We do not need to complicate our lives or our vocation with many tools to accomplish simple tasks.  John and Kate built their business by simply doing things that others were unwilling to do.


Go Bigger – Why limit ourselves to barely making it?  Why settle for average results?  Can anyone really over perform?  If all you can focus on is getting the first rental house, how about buying the whole subdivision?  What can it hurt by going big?  Grant Cardone discusses the 10X principle in his book….why not 20x?


Don’t limit yourself based on your lack of experience, it takes action to gain experience.  By taking action you will make mistakes, making mistakes is a great way to learn.  Having a coach or a mentor will help you avoid many of the costly mistakes.


Your “why” determines how big you can take your goals…..the stronger the “why” the bigger your goals and actions should be.


Never Assume – If you guess what someone else is thinking, or how they will react, you will be wrong often.  If you want to know how someone will react, simply communicate with them.  If you want to know the answer, ask the question.


I have had numerous requests from listeners for coaching.  I have decided to expand my coaching program by opening up the books again.  If you have EVER considered getting involved in Real Estate Investing then perhaps you should take action NOW to contact me for more information.  You can book a One Hour consultation with me by going to CashFlowGuys.com/Coach