034 Foreclosure Flipping Failures How To Avoid Them with Kevin Overstreet of Insured Title

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode CashFlowGuy Tyler Sheff interviews another critical member of the Cash Flow Guys Team…introducing Kevin Overstreet of Insured Title Agency.  


Kevin and his team have been instrumental in helping Tyler and his team close countless transactions across the country of all shapes and sizes.  One of the huge benefits of Insured Title team is that we don’t have to worry about the common pitfalls that other worry about because we are well protected by Insured Title when we close on real estate transactions.


Investors and home buyers of all kinds often rush to buy foreclosure properties in hopes of getting a great deal by buying from the banks.  In recent years, “HOA Foreclosures” have become popular due to buyers thinking they are getting a great deal.  The problem is that in many cases these buyers do not take the time to perform a title search to uncover all liens or encumbrances against the title of a property.


What we discovered is that when a homeowner gets behind on their bills, and the mortgage stops getting paid, the homeowner also stops paying the Homeowners Association Fees.  The HOA’s (being more proactive than big banks) file foreclosure paperwork faster than banks and can ensure the get themselves paid before the main home loan foreclosures.


To prevent being crushed by title issues on your next real estate purchase (anywhere in the United States….call Insured Title and tell them that the “CashFlowGuys” sent you.  They can answer any title related questions you may have and solve virtually any title related problems you will encounter.  


Kevin and his team can be reached at (813) 855-3585 or visit their website at http://www.insured-title.com  The educational events that Kevin spoke of can be found at BABAevent.com