032 The REAL Real Estate Investors with Jordan Stanley Payne

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

Introducing Jordan Stanley Payne, a young, energetic investor who refuses to accept being forced to live a life stuck in the rat race.  Jordan is the type of guy that will not settle for the “status quo” and when he discovers opportunity, he seizes it.

Beginning as a wholesaler, Jordan quickly realized that True Wealth was found in the buy and hold investing model.  Jordan then immersed himself in training videos that he found on youtube.  Being a self taught investor he made lots of mistakes, however he also learned from those mistakes and has built a multi million dollar portfolio before the age of 30!!

Jordan’s success comes from knowing his investor identity, and his buying criteria and then sticking to that criteria.  By focusing on the needs of both the seller and his team, he has found great success in sourcing capital and opportunities.

By surrounding himself with people who know more than him, and are more successful than him, Jordan has learned faster and achieved success much faster than his peers.

Building a team is a necessary part of any investor’s plan, however team building is also an evolving process that can be built as the need arises.  Perhaps beginning with a CPA, Lawyer, Mentor, ect to get started.  Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is critical to the team building process, begin with bringing on the team members that are good at what you are not good at.

Jordan says “Action trumps Fear” which Tyler Sheff totally agrees with.  If there is no action, there cannot be any success.

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