030 Single Family Versus Multi Family Which One and Why with Rod Khleif

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

Today we hear from one America’s top real estate professionals, Rod Khleif has personally owned more than 2,000 single family homes and multiple apartment communities.  In addition to to being a rockstar investor, Rod is the founder of the Tiny Hands Foundation where he and his team offer assistance to underprivileged children.


In this episode Tyler Sheff digs deep and discusses how to achieve your goals and how to first visualize your “why” and “what”.  Regardless of the business, psychology and mindset are critical elements of achieving success.  Rod provides many tips on how to achieve maximum success in business and life.


Being a huge fan of Anthony Robbins, Rod discusses taking action on what he learns and how that has lead to his success in business.


Mr Khleif is also writing a book on investing in multi family real estate that he is offering to Cash Flow Guys Podcast listeners for FREE by texting “Rod” to 41411


During the interview, Rod discusses having a second exit strategy in regard to single family investing as well as the avoidance of short term financing to hedge against market corrections.  Rod and Tyler discuss the upcoming economic downturn and how to best prepare yourself and your business for this eventuality.


By investing in multi family properties, Rod quickly learned how being focused on multi family assets that are bought “right” provide a far safer investment strategy during economic downturns.


Rod reinforces our plan regarding buying small apartment buildings using FHA financing and occupying them for one year to capture low down payment opportunities.  Buyers can often secure FHA financing even with credit scores below the 600 point range.  Later, when market conditions improve, the investor can refinance the property into a conventional loan product to avoid PMI.  This is a strategy we have used in conjunction with our lender partner Frank Coto at Lincoln Lending for properties located in Florida.

Rod is also the host of Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast which is available via many channels including his website at: http://rodkhleif.com/