025 How To Make $5,000 in 90 Days or Less

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

“Guru’s” will tell you that anyone can use their system and get rich in 30-90 days by “flipping” real estate.  They continue to bleed you dry with secret sauce software systems that promise to “do all the work for you”.  RUBBISH!!!

Making money in real estate takes work….LOTS of work.  There is no software program that does it all, there is no secret script that will lure people into giving you their home.

Finding your way to success in real estate takes practice.  It takes patience, and it takes being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  The best (and fastest way) to learn and succeed is to practice, fail, practice, fail and practice some more.

In this episode, Tyler uncovers many of the methods he has used to raise quick capital that was later used to invest in order to make MORE money.

Retail Arbitrage is “whole-tailing” in its purest form.  Buying something at a significant discount, shining it up a little and reselling it for a profit is what the game is all about.  Next, Tyler unveils his methods of “flipping” everyday items on eBay and Craigslist for big profits.

Learning how to discover opportunity takes time and research.  Look on craigslist for items that you know about….for example you are a boater….focus on boating items.  Find things that people do not want, and negotiate the price down as low as possible.  By now; you have done your research to know what the item will sell for once fixed up.  Once you have the item, clean it up, take great photos and write a great description.  You can then resell these items on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon or the like for significant returns.

Sounds like lots of work right?  Real Estate is even more work, however the rewards are much greater.

As a real estate investor, you have to learn how to source opportunity.  A savvy investor is also a great negotiator and an even better salesman!

Building relationships with sellers and buyers is a critical part of the process.  The methods in this episode allow you to build these skills to prepare you for a career in real estate investing.

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