023 Invest Smart and Be Your Own Bank with Patrick Donohoe

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Patrick is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life and the host of The Wealth Standard Podcast since 2007. With a background in economics and marketing, Patrick immediately realized the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families on a large scale using modern digital media and communication technology.  To help accomplish his mission he formed Paradigm Life to accomplish just that.


Patrick has shared the stage with financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, G Edward Griffin, Tom Hopkins, Blair Singer, Donald Trump Jr and more. Patrick co-created the Cash Flow Wealth Summit (http://www.cashflowwealthsummit.com) with his friends Tom Wheelwright, CPA of Provision Wealth and Andy Tanner, the author of 401Kaos and Stock Market Cash Flow.  


Patrick joins us in this episode to discuss a little known wealth building strategy know as Infinite Banking.  This strategy involves strategically established insurance policies that enable the investor to earn a return on their policy investments while maintaining a certain degree of liquidity.  The business cycle theory states that when excess cash is not working, investing becomes more risky as investors search for places to place their money to make it work for them.  Infinite banking helps offset some of that risk by allowing the investor to earn structured returns on their cash reserves.


During this episode we discuss how our emotions lead us to impulsive investing decisions.  By taking the time to establish benchmarks for your investment criteria, the investor can make far more logical choices.  When we take the time to discover “why” we want (or need) to make an investment we can take more calculated decisions that lead to greater benefit matched with reduced risk.


The Cash Flow Wealth Summit was created by Patrick and his friends to educate the public on financial matters and help people increase their financial intelligence.  The Summit is provided Free of Charge to those who are willing to invest the time to simply watch and listen.


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