022 – The Curse of Fear & How To Crush It with Chief Witch Doctor Mark Komula

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Mark is a Business Coach and CEO of Smarter Mojo. He is also known as the “Chief Witch Doctor” at Smarter Mojo.  Mark Komula is a Certified Hypnotist, Certified Life Coach and is Certified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner or (NLP).  He holds a Masters in Technology and a Masters in Business Administration.  He has also worked as a college professor and a network engineer before founding Smarter Mojo.


Mark explains that humans evolved by learning two things in two ways, familiar and unfamiliar.  Unfamiliar came to be classified as fear and then used as a self protection mechanism.  In today’s society, fear is the emotion attached to something a person may not have done before, such as fear of public speaking or writing offers.


Mark explains up to about age seven, we classify events with emotions.  Tyler asks that once a person identifies the fear can fear be unlearned?  Mark has two ways to conquer a fear;  

1) Doing it, or 2) Imagine doing it.


Tyler asks Mark how to help folks through taking forward action.  Mark stated people should find someone that is willing to listen, or playing the game like the Cashflow game can help. Mark has written a book, to be released called “The Curse of Fear – Witchdoctor’s RX to Banishing Fear”.  Mark’s book is scheduled to be released in the beginning of May this year.  Mark is able to help anyone conquer fear, regardless of location via an online or telephone consultation.  


Tyler explains in today’s society the general mindset is to “finance” what we cannot buy right now with credit cards and high interest loans.  Gone are the days when our culture was to save for what we wanted to buy or use “layaway”.   It is time for a mindset shift to the mindset of the rich which is to use debt to acquire cash flowing assets that in turn provide you the cash to buy whatever you want or need.  There is good debt and bad debt. Good debt is buying assets the can provide cash flow and be leveraged to build wealth. Bad debt is debt incurred buying things that do not provide cash flow or, as described by Robert Kiyosaki as doodads.  


Mark provides a 30 minute free consultation. He can be reached by phone at 813-748-7747,  or http://www.smartermojo.com. His book can be found on http://www.witchdoctorrx.com. For a limited time, free copies of the book will be available.


Tyler announces The Cashflow Guys has a new Facebook Group. The CashflowGuys.com/Group. The group is a way for our listeners to be able to communicate with each other, share ideas, or ask questions to Tyler Sheff and his team.

Notable Mentions:

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