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As with many investors, our journey began with the reading of Rich Dad Poor Dad.  When we learned that the rich don’t work for money, instead money works for them…. every day forward of that point changed for us.

We had a very busy schedule, Tyler was at sea in the middle of the ocean working as a merchant mariner, and Jill was home holding down the fort while working a full time job.  Due to our hectic schedules attending “boot camps” for real estate investing was simply not possible.  Tyler discovered audio books and Kindle Books which was a game changer for both of us.  

Kindle devices and Kindle Apps allowed us to keep an entire library with us wherever we were.  We felt it made sense to read several books before we began our journey as a means of “testing the waters” so to speak.

Audible Audio Books also allowed us to listen to the books instead of having to focus on reading with our eyes.  This was very helpful in order to listen while working or driving.

We recommend the following books (in order, click to purchase on Amazon.com):

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Cashflow Quadrant

Tax Free Wealth

Cashflow Diary 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in Any Economy

The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing

Equity Happens

The eMyth

Once we had read the books above, we discovered PodCasts and determined our all time favorites were:

The Real Estate Guys Radio

Rich Dad Radio Show

Cashflow Diary

These shows really helped us solidify our investor identity and helped us decide which of the types of investing made sense to us. We learned negotiation tactics, team building, syndication principals and many, many other topics.

Next, it was time to invest in formalized education. We felt we needed more skills to better prepare ourselves to survive the real estate investing jungle. We attended several free workshops and seminars in our area. By attending these “guru seminars” we quickly discovered that many of the speakers or self proclaimed “experts” don’t own any investment property nor have they ever done anything more than deal or two…if any. These “snake oil salesmen” are really good at marketing and sales…they will promise you the moon and the stars, right up until the obtain your credit card. Buyer Beware!!

After “kissing a few frogs” so to speak, we discovered J Massey whose teachings became a game changer for us. His company “CashFlowDiary” provided a wealth of information that actually made sense, was clearly presented and able to be applied immediately as it was learned. This method of this training is all about the “mindset” of both you and the other party in the transaction which has been the secret to our success. J’s materials clearly show how much he cares about the success of his students. We think his materials are simply priced TOO LOW as compared to the value they provide.

Larry Harbolt is an educator and now a friend who has provided us with game changing information through his books and courses. Larry is all about giving to his students and even makes himself available to all of his students for questions at any time after registering for any of his courses. Larry also allows students to return to the live workshops free of charge as many times as they like to be sure they fully understand the materials being taught.

What the beginning investor must come to understand is there is no secret sauce. There are no shortcuts, the student must make an investment in time and money to improve their skills as an investor.