014 Land Trusts, Seller Financing and how to protect your privacy with Larry Harbolt

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

Larry Harbolt is a nationally recognized speaker on real estate investing with over 35 years in the business and made famous for his niche topics of Land Trusts and Seller Financing.  Larry hosts the largest and longest running Real Estate Investors Association meetings in the Southeast US.

A land trust is a critically needed tool to maintain privacy in your real estate transactions.  Larry Harbolt has an upcoming course on the subject of land trusts that teaches investors to properly utilize the land trust as a tool in your investor’s toolbox .  This is a three day course that includes a full day with Lee Phillips, nationally known real estate attorney that specializes in trusts and asset protection.  More details on the event can be found at larryharbolt.com.

During the second portion of the show Tyler and Larry discuss seller financing strategies and the “kitchen table” conversations that Larry is famous for.  Larry discusses The Dodd-Frank Law and its impact on the industry regarding this recent legislation.  The new law applies to specific limitations as to how many owner occupied transactions a seller can finance.

 The law provides for certain allowance for “damages” to a buyer who disputes the transactions up to and including a refund of monies paid.  Larry has published an e-book on the subject to help investors stay compliant with the Dodd-Frank Law.  

Tyler Sheff discusses on the importance of taking your time in doing one deal at a time, and being focused on quality not quantity.  When a property is purchased “correctly” the tenants pay for 100% of the investor’s ownership expenses.  What’s critical is to realize that Real Estate Investing is NOT a get rich quick scenario.  Wealth is built over time, by buying and holding smart.

Larry also discusses Seller Financing strategies and the philosophy behind many of his strategies.  He teaches a 4 day seller financing bootcamp to help investors master the art of working with seller financing techniques to create win / win solutions for homeowners and investors.  More info on his program can be found at larryharbolt.com.

We look forward to having Larry Harbolt as a regular guest on our show, Larry even extends an invitation for any student of his to give him a call directly and will help you through difficult questions and deal structure.  Larry can be reached at 727-420-4810 from noon to 5pm Monday through Friday.  Larry may also be reached at LarryHarbolt@gmail.com or via his facebook group which can be found at http://on.fb.me/1RUClve