011 Taking Control of Your Future – The 401k Fallout

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode Tyler expands on the subject matter of episode 10 by introducing a video produced by 60 Minutes about the retirement crisis going on in America.

 The 401k Fallout is an episode that all Americans need to hear and digs into the mis-truths we all grew up to understand. Many Americans have fallen prey to the greed of Wall Street and have been duped into believing that our government will take care of them in retirement.

This episode delves into the subject of taking back control of your future and taking the steps necessary to retire comfortably.   Although this episode tells of shattered dreams, we also provide solutions to rebuild those dreams by taking the necessary steps to educate yourself on investment and retirement strategies that YOU control.

 For more info on this topic, or to discuss investment strategies that makes sense, you may schedule a 30 minute consultation with Tyler by using his online calendar which is found at http://www.meetme.so/cashflowguys. This is a no obligation, free opportunity to discuss where you are, where you plan to go and how to get there.

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