008 Calculating Cashflow and Increasing Profits

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

The Cash Flow Guys cover how to calculate your net cashflow to discover your true profit.  Tyler Sheff and Leo Young break down the techniques required to discover your bottom line and how to improve your net cashflow.  During this episode, the guys provide many thought provoking ideas on how to add significant value to the property by increasing the property's income.  

In the multi family sector, a property's value is primarily derived from the income the property generates instead of comparable sales.  The CashFlowGuys also cover strategies to increase rents and actually attract higher paying tenants while enjoying a higher net cashflow.  By providing additional incentives to your tenants vacancy loss is reduced by keeping good tenants longer.  Marketing expenses are also reduced which contributes to a high net yield on the asset.  When an investor makes their asset more attractive than its competition the property rents faster and retains tenants longer.