When it comes to real estate, we know how challenging it can be to deal with all the pieces of the puzzle. That’s why investors love working with us at because we provide one-stop access to just about every type of real estate service you’ll need to find deals, fund them, grow, and succeed as an investor.

Below you’ll find a full list of services… and if you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay too! Scroll down to see a couple of great starting points that we recommend…



Licensed Representation:

Residential and Commercial Licensed Agents on staff to assist you with your real estate purchase or sale needs. We are not your average everyday Realtors, we are investors ourselves and understand your needs. We own and operate a robust portfolio of apartment buildings and function as a lender in promissory notes on owner-occupied single-family homes.

Syndication Services:

Our team can match you with investment opportunities that fit your exact financial needs and goals. Our investment partners are provided with many tax-sheltered investment opportunities to choose from that also offer great returns. Never again worry about dealing with tenants and toilets because our team does the work for you! Enjoy the power of an experienced team managing and maximizing profitability through repositioning and rebranding of apartment communities, mobile home parks, and other commercial assets.

Investment Opportunity Analysis:

We help you structure profitable deals that meet your investment criteria. Our team are experts in finding additional profit in your investment portfolio and help you identify potential problem areas before they become a problem.

Due Diligence Assistance:

Ever get overwhelmed with the due diligence process? Our team will assist you in performing the appropriate due diligence on your deals to be sure you are protected from financial pitfalls often overlooked during the buying process.

Closing Services:

We employ the industry’s best Transaction Closing Coordinators, Lenders, Title Companies, Attorneys and Tax Professionals on our staff to get your transaction closed on time, every time.


Looking to change the use of an asset? Wondering if your idea is viable? Need an expert negotiator to help you set up a great deal? Ever wish you had a mentor to help you get through your first few deals?  Our consulting services give you the confidence and the protection offered by a mentor available on a transactional basis.


Interested in any of these services? We’d love to help.

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Mindset Shift:

We begin by helping you develop a success plan to bulletproof your investing business. The process begins with a shift in mindset to help you learn to earn and prosper for the long haul.

Market Analysis:

Many investors fail because they do not understand “who” they are serving. Inexperienced investors buy in markets they don’t fully understand and they often lack understanding of the needs of their tenants. Those issues end here, my students come away with a clear understanding of the marketplace they choose to invest in. You will also be taught what to look for in any market which will help you decide where to invest.

Asset Class Discovery:

Should you invest in Mobile Homes? Houses? Apartment Buildings? Gas Stations? Vacant Land? We help our students discover which asset classes make the most sense for them to invest in. During this process, the investor learns about the benefits as well as shortcomings of each type of asset class which helps them gain focus and clarity as they move through the program and build their investment portfolio.

Real Estate Tools:

We know which tools are most useful to investors and how to use them. Items such as financial calculators, evaluation software and many different apps and websites will soon prove invaluable to the investor.  Our program covers the function and use of many real estate investment tools.

Deal Analysis:

The ability to discover hidden opportunities is critical to investors. My coaching program dives deep into learning many different ways to discover opportunity and how to analyze deals. As a student, you will also learn tons of strategies that allow you to see and capture opportunities that most other people would overlook.  Some of the best deals out there are staring you right in the face.

Deal Structure:

Why bother discovering opportunities if you don’t have the skills to structure them properly? Our students learn how to structure deals for Wholesaling, Fix and Flip and Buy and Hold opportunities.

Finding Private Money:

Ok, so you have a deal, now how are you going to pay for it? During the program, a great deal of emphasis will be on how to raise private capital to fund your deals and the mindset behind this strategy.  Imagine how much real estate you can buy when lack of money isn't stopping you?


The #1 most critical skill an investor must learn is how to negotiate effectively. I will teach you the right ways to talk to buyers, sellers and other investors. You will learn many different methods of negotiation that result in win/win relationships with the other party.


We will cover the many ways to finance a transaction which can result in you buying real estate with little to none of your own money. Cash and bank loans (although covered here) are just two of the many ways to finance a real estate investment.  We will discuss Lease Options, Lease Purchase, Seller Financing, Syndication, Crowdfunding and much, much more!

How to Invest Smart:

It’s all fun and energizing to become an investor, but the real question is, can you manage the investment properly? We arm you with the skills and the mindset to effectively manage your assets and the people who help you manage and maintain it.


Interested in any of these services? We’d love to help.

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Work with Tyler Sheff to learn how to invest, to find and fund better deals, and to get access to higher level cash flowing deals that can change the game for you.


    1. Short-cut your rise as an investor
    2. Learn how to expertly analyze deals to see if they’re a fit
    3. Discover new sources for cash-flowing investments you didn’t realize were there
    4. Get insider access to Tyler – and a wealth of high-level value that he provides exclusively to his coaching clients!


Real estate investors love working with Tyler in both individual and group coaching sessions. Tyler serves his clients by identifying where they are as investors, where they want to be, and then he helps them craft the right path forward to achieve growth, wealth, and passive cash flow. Tyler’s coaching is on an invitation-only basis and starts with a friendly strategy call to ensure there’s a fit. Start the process at to learn more about the process.


  1. Confused about the numbers on a deal? Get expert analysis for clarity and a “second opinion”
  2. Understand instantly if the deal is right for you
  3. Finally, make better cash flow decisions with an “in-the-trenches” perspective

Real estate investing can be confusing, even to the experts. Every deal is different – from the creative structure to the numbers to the risk assessment. How do you know if a deal makes sense for you? Sometimes you just need a second opinion from someone who is in the trenches and an expert at analyzing deals. Tyler Sheff of delivers insightful clarity with an in-depth analysis that will equip all investors to make better decisions about whether or not a deal is right for them. Simply get in touch with Tyler and put him to work analyzing YOUR next deal… it could be the difference between huge ROI or frustrating failure.

To learn more about Tyler’s deal analysis, including fees and what information is needed for his analysis, reach out to him at — but hurry because Tyler’s time gets booked up fast and there are only limited spaces available each week for this in-demand service.