How to Negotiate Seller Financing with Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff, founder of, is a Licensed Real Estate Problem Solver, Educator, Investor, and Syndicator. Tyler has been involved in real estate for over 17 years and now mantain a 100% focus on investing for Cashflow and helping others do the same.

Tyler and his team acquire, stabilize,  and then provide safe clean affordable housing to those in need when it matters most. As the host of the CashFlowGuys podcast, Tyler teaches the public how to avoid common pitfalls found in real estate investing and inspires others to take massive action towards their goals.

On this episode, Tyler discusses:

  1. Understanding why the seller is selling
  2. The benefits to the seller of seller financing
  3. How to evaluate a deal and come up with financing terms
  4. Analyzing the numbers using a T Bar
  5. The cost of control (mortgage) is more important than the purchase price

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The Real Estate Way to Health and Freedom
Real Estate Mogul Podcast

Cashflow: Private Capital, Finding the Right Market & Planning for the Correction with Tyler Sheff

Most people who don’t want to do the hard work of investing deals are happy to partner with someone who has the experience. How do you find these people and get them to work with you? How do you go about finding and acquiring deals that will yield good returns? How do you get more capital to deploy out to other deals? On this episode, Tyler Sheff shares his strategies and tactics for getting the right deals and building a solid investing business.

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7 Key Ingredients to Maximize Profits when Investing in Real Estate

Tyler Sheff, Founder of is a Licensed Real Estate Problem Solver, Educator, Investor and Syndicator. Tyler has been involved in Real Estate for over 16 years and now maintains a 100% focus on investing for Cashflow and helping others do the same.

As a Master Facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow101 Game; Tyler hosts workshops to teach the busy people how to use what they have; to obtain what they need; in order to build passive income and escape the rat race.

During This Show We Discuss…

  • How to find wealth by finding problems, not just properties
  • Where to find is the best place to find great investment properties
  • How you can find great properties on the MLS, contrary to what others may say
  • Where most of the REAL profit comes from in real estate investing
  • How to know whether to fix and flip, or buy and hold
  • How to maximize your profits as a landlord
  • Some of the best places to get capital for investing
  • How to use a 401k, stocks, bonds, or an IRA to get money to invest
  • The benefits of finding a great local real estate investing group
  • The best type of training for new real estate investors
  • The type of team you should build when you’re in the business of real estate investing
  • The types of meetings and events you should have with your team regularly
  • How to build your personal brand as a teacher in real estate investing
  • Secrets to get the best deal when buying properties
  • Secrets to get the best deal when selling properties
  • The things people commonly overlook when rehabbing properties
  • Things that people are surprised by when they get involved in real estate investing

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Credit Suite
Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

Solving Problems in order to Build Wealth and Cash Flow, Tax Strategies, Buying Non-Performing Notes, and Things to Consider before you Quit Your Job

Tyler Sheff has figured out a way to build wealth by solving other people's problems, mainly by helping them invest in Buy & Hold Real Estate in order to realize tax benefits that will help them keep more of their income.

Today we discuss the difference between ordinary income and capital gains, how Flips and Rehabs are taxed differently from Buy & Holds, and things you need to consider before leaving your job and eliminating earned income.

Tyler also shares his experiences investing in Airbnbs and non-performing notes, working with the police department to improve his acquisitions, and how he doubled the value of his first Multi-Family Investment in two years.

Tyler is also the host of “Cashflow Guys Podcast” and you can learn more about him at

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Simple Wholesaling

Tyler obtained his real estate license back in 2000 where he concurrently owned and operated a trucking business, worked as a police officer, and a Charter Captain and Chief Boatswain abroad a United States government research ship. He decided to renew his real estate license back in 2014 to supplement his income by investing in cash flow properties.

To this day, Tyler loves educating and teaching others about real estate investing through his coaching program and his podcast called the Cash Flow Guys.

Checkout today’s show to learn the importance of hiring a reputable CPA and how to make a passive income through buy-and-hold investing!

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Simple Wholesaling
Comfort Killers

What They Won't Teach You in Their Webinars

Tyler Sheff founder of CashFlowGuys.Com comes through with an amazing voice and a bag full of wisdom to dish out to our Comfort Killing audience worldwide. He truly stepped outside his comfort zone when he learned how to acquire multi-family real estate using none of his own money or credit. He learned how to negotiate like a sniper. On this episode of Comfort Killers, he shares nuggets on how one can effectively negotiate by using one simple technique.

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Keep It Ridiculously Simple

I have a responsibility to sell value to people. I believe in what I sell and the key to my success is that I sell financial independence. I am supposed to help people find value, this is one of my responsibilities.

Welcome to Entrepreneur Sales School! My special guest is Tyler Sheff.

Tyler Sheff currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at, a company which aims to educate their clientele in investing in real estate and building long-term wealth. 

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Entrepreneur's Sales School
Freedom Formula Podcast

Real Estate Advice with Tyler Sheff 

In this podcast you will:

  1. Discover why Tyler left a six-figure job to pursue real estate in 2012
  2. Receive the biggest tip Tyler received when it comes to closing a real estate deal (HINT: you will be surprised how easy it is)
  3. Collect tips in ways to reduce your taxes with real estate
  4. Gain Tyler’s insight on financial freedom and how he feels he has or has not gotten there yet…
  5. Acquire Tyler’s equation for maintaining a positive cash flow on any rental property
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Flipping Houses, Buying Apartments, and Selling as an Agent with Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff has seen a lot in his real estate career. He started flipping houses in his early twenties and was very successful before the housing crash. Tyler also held some properties as rentals and eventually sold his properties before the crash, which caused him to incur a huge tax bill. Tyler decided there had to be a better way to invest in real estate, so he started buying apartment buildings after the housing crash and held more of his properties instead of selling them. Tyler eventually got his real estate license and started his own podcast that discusses real estate investing. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, Mark Ferguson talks with Tyler about his career and what he has learned over the years.

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Flipping, Buying and Selling as an Agent

Insights into Investing 

Tyler Sheff currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at, a company which aims to educate their clientele in investing in real estate and building long-term wealth. On this episode of Real Estate Realities,  he shares how The Cash Flow Guys treat each client as a student, giving them the necessary tools needed to succeed as a real estate investor from the ground up. The Cash Flow Guys have one goal – to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate. Coupling his active involvement in real estate investments with his proven negotiation skills makes Sheff a valuable asset to any client. As an educator, the greatest reward Sheff gets from all this hard work is watching Cash Flow Guys students learn and ultimately become successful.
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The Best Deal Ever

On this episode of the Deal Farm, we are joined by Tyler Sheff of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast. Tyler has been in the business 16 years and has mastered the art of creating streams of income through cash flow real estate investing. Listen in as Tyler shares with us a property he bought three years ago that he lives in AND produces upwards of 5K in positive monthly cash flow!

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Deal Farm Podcast
Apartment Building Investing

How to Overcome the Most Crippling Limiting Beliefs 

What is stopping you from achieving financial freedom through apartment building investing? Is it because you don’t have single-family experience? Are you intimidated by the perceived complexity of the multi-family space? Or maybe you think you don’t have enough money to consider pursuing multi-family deals? Tyler has encountered and overcome all of these limiting beliefs, and on this episode of the Apartment Building Investing Podcast with Michael Blank, he reveals how to get out of your own way and get on the road to financial freedom.
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Escape the Rat Race

Tyler Sheff, the host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, and host Jeff Smith discuss:

  1. Coming soon?  The church of Tyler Sheff and latter-day drunks; problem: church founders must be dead
  2. As a realtor, he didn't really fit into the mold of a gold blazer; he wasn't really having fun
  3. Flipped houses paid a big tax bill;  went to sea as a merchant mariner; made a lot of money; more taxes!
  4. Now he gets to wake up and teach people how to escape the financial hell they are in; feels good
  5. Learned that if you do what the IRA wants you to do, they won't' tax you; huh?!?
  6. MLS listing can help you find problems to solve; you must know the person and their story
  7. Why you should pay your property manager more instead of negotiating for less

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Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith
Money for Lunch

Money For Lunch

Bert Martinez interviews Tyler Sheff on this episode of Money For Lunch.
They discuss:
1) How slow and steady wins the race instead of trying to get rich quick
2) How to build wealth by finding problems, not properties
3) How deals are created not found
4) Profit pieces real estate investors overlook
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Triple Your Investment Property's Earnings by Turning it Into a Vacation Rental

Forget the traditional rental model! Tyler Sheff’s rentals generate three times as much money as comparable rental properties in his area. How does he do it? Instead of renting his properties out with long-term leases, Tyler rents them out as short-term vacation homes using services like Airbnb. During peak vacation season, Tyler’s average short-term rental pulls in roughly $3,000 per month!

Click here to listen and learn how you can boost your rental’s profits like Tyler by turning it into a vacation rental on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars!

Real Estate Rock Stars
Financial Survival Network

Crushing it in Real Estate

Tyler Sheff of Cash Flow Guys has had a varied career that has helped pave the way for his success today. Sheff’s professional career has included time as a soldier in the US Army Military Police, a Florida Certified Police Officer and Firefighter, a Contractor, a Repair Technician, and a Boat Captain. From 2010 to 2014, Sheff took time away from real estate to work with the US Government. He was busy flipping houses and thought he had found the keys to success until he got a huge tax bill. Then he started looking for a way to get cash flow and minimize his taxes. So real estate investing filled the bill. Now he’s putting together a fund to hopefully cash in on the next downturn.
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Getting to Know Tyler Sheff

Tyler appeared on Smallbiz America with David Wolf to discuss:

How Tyler educates people on long term investing

It doesn't cost a lot to get started in real estate investing

How his knowledge is shared

Tyler's unique approach to learning this process

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small biz america
REI Diamonds Real Estate Investment Podcast: Buying Multi-Family Apartment Buildings

REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment

Tyler & Dan Breslin Discuss:
The “No Competition” Zone of Multi-Family Investing 
“Back of the Napkin” Formula for Quickly Determining Whether to Pursue a Deal
Beware of New Markets-How to Spot Trouble Before Buying Elsewhere
No Money Down Deal Structure for Taking Down Apartments
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How to Escape the Rate Race 

On “Retire Well, Retire Happy,” I (Ann Nelson) love hearing about how people got out of the rut and found a way to put money aside and invest for their future. There are a lot of schemes out there to get rich. I prefer to see that the people who are promoting these investing strategies have rungs on the board and can prove that what they are pushing they have achieved success in personally. There is the old saying that if it seems too good to be true that perhaps it is. As my guest on today’s show, Tyler Sheff, says “what makes the most money usually has the most risk.” There are other ways to invest for your future and sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Click here to listen and find out what they are.

How to Escape the Rate Race with Tyler Sheff
Tyler Sheff on Secrets to Real Estate Investing

Secrets to Real Estate Investing ~ 06-22-17

On this episode, Hard Hat Holly interviewed Tyler Sheff, real estate investor.  You will learn…
If you invest the way the IRS wants us to invest, by holding onto property and providing housing to others, you can almost completely eliminate your tax bill  
Why multi family is Tyler’s preferred strategy for stable cash flow and mitigation of risk
How he significantly increases his monthly cash flow through short-term rentals
Episode Resources

How to Lose Money by Flipping Houses

House flipping has become mainstream thanks to shows on HGTV and TLC. However, flipping houses is not always a sure path to wealth, as our guest Tyler Sheff explains! Though we talk about real estate on this episode, we offer actionable tips that any entrepreneur in any industry can benefit from. Visit to hear them.

how not to lose money by flipping houses

That Business Show ~ 05-17-16

Today we invited Cody Davis, Matt McClellan, and Tyler Sheff on the air. Cody Davis is The Founder of Cody Fowler Davis Law. Tyler Sheff is the Founder of The Cashflowguys Matt McClellan is the Founder of the Pizza Diet, and is the Owner of Tour De Pizza! If you missed the show on the #MorningAir this morning, then head to now! And remember to check out the Tampa Bay Business Owners!

Buy Apartment Buildings for Nothing From the City with Tyler Sheff

Jack Butala: Buy Apartment Buildings for Nothing From the City with Tyler Sheff. Every Single month we give away a property for free. It’s super simple to qualify. Two simple steps. Leave us your feedback for this podcast on iTunes and number two, get the free ebook at, you don’t even have to read it. Thanks for listening.

tyler sheff appears on jack and jill land academy