Tyler Sheff is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Cash Flow Guys, a company which aims to educate their clientele in investing in real estate and building long-term wealth. The Cash Flow Guys treat each client as a student, giving them the necessary tools needed to succeed as a real estate investor from the ground up.  Tyler and his team have one goal – to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate for investment purposes.  As an educator, the greatest reward Tyler gets from all this hard work is watching Cash Flow Guys students learn and ultimately become successful.

Tyler is also the host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast; he focuses on cash flowing assets as an Investor and Syndicator with a concentration in Multi-Family Apartments and Non-Performing Notes. As a Realtor, he specializes in working with investors who are looking to build long-term wealth.  Tyler has been involved in Real Estate for over 17 years and now focuses on investing for cash flow and long term gain while helping others do the same.

As an Educator, Coach and Master Facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow 101 Game; Tyler hosts workshops in the Tampa, FL area to teach busy people how to escape the rat race by acquiring assets creatively.  Tyler is a huge advocate of financial independence and helps others achieve just that.

Tyler and his team acquire, stabilize, and then provide clean, safe affordable housing to those in need when it matters most. As the host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, Tyler teaches the public how to avoid common pitfalls found in real estate investing and inspires others to take massive action towards their goals.

The Cash Flow Guys Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff

From 2010 – 2014, Tyler took a break from Real Estate and went to work for the US Department of Commerce, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where he worked aboard the ships as a merchant mariner.  During his free time on the various NOAA Ships such as Ka’imimoana, Nancy Foster and Okeanos Explorer, Tyler spent a great deal of his free time taking advanced courses in real estate and investment techniques. He also studied real estate law and settlement procedures in depth, which has solidly equipped him to best help clients with a myriad of real estate challenges and potential roadblocks.‬

Tyler Sheff’s passion for real estate and philanthropy stems from a diverse portfolio of invaluable professional experience.  In addition to his work as an educator, Tyler Sheff is an active volunteer in his community, remaining involved with Habitat for Humanity and numerous other charities, including raising awareness for children with cerebral palsy.  When his busy schedule leaves room for free time, you can find Tyler Sheff indulging in one of his many passions: fishing, hunting, scuba diving, kayaking, target practice at the gun range, and a variety of other outdoors activities.